itc Solution for GOV Conference Hall in Papu Tower, Tanzania

itc Solution for GOV Conference Hall in Papu Tower, Tanzania

Jul 05,2024

The Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) is a specialized African Union agency responsible for coordinating and developing African postal services. As its headquarters, the PAPU Tower in Arusha, Tanzania, constructed at $21 million, indicates commitment towards attaining the Union's mandate and vision.

To help PAPU spearhead the transformation of the African postal sector, itc provided the international government conference hall in the PAPU tower with cutting-edge audiovisual systems, including digital conference system, professional sound system, LED video wall, stage lighting, video conference system, recording system, and interpretation system.

The setup includes an itc LED display over 28 square meters, designed with high refresh rates, high grayscale, and high precision. The display offers a wide viewing angle without color distortion from any direction, delivering clear and natural visuals. It automatically adjusts brightness based on the surrounding environment to enhance visual comfort. Paired with vibrant and comfortable itc stage lighting, it transformed the stage into a captivating focal point for every conference.

On both sides of the stage, itc linear array speakers composed of full-range speakers and subwoofers provide long-distance sound projection with strong penetration. Monitor speakers are on stage, and two-way professional speakers are around the venue. Complemented by professional amplifiers and audio processors, this setup forms a high-end conference sound system with perfect sound effects and outstanding vocal clarity. Combined with the digital conference system, it ensures smooth and authentic sound transmission for all meetings.

itc provides a rich multilingual conference communication mode through a simultaneous interpretation system, using full-digital DQPSK modulation technology for enhanced confidentiality. Simultaneous translation of multiple languages fosters smooth cross-lingual communication among participants.

itc conference recording system and video conference system provides recording and live-streaming capabilities for various events, breaking time and space constraints. It supports H.265 technology, achieving ultra-high-definition with minimal bandwidth, delivering vivid and lifelike image quality with uniform brightness and rich color gradation, and offering participants an immersive communication experience.

The successful implementation of these advanced systems has resulted in a remarkable transformation of the international government conference hall. This holistic upgrade positions the venue as a leading hub for international diplomacy and governmental discourse, ensuring the conference hall stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence in Tanzania.

Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with commendations for the seamless integration, reliability, and technological advancements that have greatly enriched the conference hall's capabilities. The success of this project stands as a testament to the power of itc technology in shaping extraordinary experiences and transforming conference facilities.