itc Assisted Qatar Central Municipal Council in Smart Upgrade

itc Assisted Qatar Central Municipal Council in Smart Upgrade

Dec 09,2023

The Qatar Central Municipal Council (CMC), recognized as the first house of democracy in Qatar, acts as a vital intermediary between officials and the public. It holds significant responsibility for managing municipal affairs in the country, making it imperative to establish advanced multifunctional system equipment to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the council.

itc has provided a comprehensive suite of solutions including paperless conference systems, video conference systems, electronic nameplates, simultaneous interpretation systems, professional sound systems, central control, and matrix systems for the intelligent upgrade of the CMC conference hall. This upgrade has resulted in the creation of a safe, confidential, and efficient conference environment.

Professional Sound System

itc has strategically placed conference microphones with built-in DSP audio processors throughout the conference hall, delivering high-fidelity sound quality at a sampling rate of 48KHz. These microphones ensure clear conference speech through automatic volume adjustment and adaptive feedback suppression. When used with itc professional speakers, the system effectively restores the pure human voice, facilitating efficient communication during meetings.

Electronic Nameplate

Equipped with itc electronic nameplates, each seat in the conference hall features a dual-screen design that can simultaneously display participant information. The system supports regular meeting service functions, custom services, and intelligent sorting of name lists, thus enhancing overall meeting efficiency.

Simultaneous Interpretation System

itc offers participants a multilingual conference communication mode through its simultaneous interpretation system. Employing full-digital DQPSK modulation technology, the system ensures higher confidentiality and mitigates the risk of meeting information leakage. Additionally, it adopts original clock synchronization and transmission technology, resulting in an audio delay of less than 5ms.

Remote Video Conference System

itc has implemented a remote video conference system in the conference hall, allowing for the connection of multiple meeting rooms for discussions. The system supports H.265 technology with ultra-low bandwidth to achieve ultra-high-definition effects, vivid imaging, and uniform screen brightness, thereby providing a more immersive communication experience for participants.

The full integration of digital technology into economic and social fields has brought about digital efficiency for governments and enterprises. itc's suite of solutions collaborates effectively to facilitate the transition to overall intelligence for global users, streamlining conference operations and effectively enhancing work efficiency.