itc Efforts in Seaside Hall construction for government of Misrata, Libya

itc Efforts in Seaside Hall construction for government of Misrata, Libya

Dec 09,2023

We were honored to partner with the government of Misrata, Libya on a significant project aimed at upgrading their government meeting facilities, particularly the conference hall used by government officials. Our extensive range of advanced conference solutions played a crucial role in revolutionizing their meeting experience.

itc installed the TS-0300M conference system in the conference hall, providing cutting-edge audio communication solutions for meetings. Equipped with a high-performance DSP processor, this system facilitates lossless sound transmission, significantly enhancing meeting efficiency.

TS-0300M conference system

Additionally, itc's paperless conference system incorporates pre-meeting appointments, in-meeting records, and post-meeting organization, streamlining the meeting process and efficiently managing complex government information. It also features full-link encryption for internal documents, thus ensuring secure and seamless meetings while addressing concerns about data leakage.

paperless conference system

Conducting on-site surveys of the conference room, we strategically positioned itc's professional sound system to ensure optimal speech clarity throughout the venue. This system offers uniform sound coverage, delivers clear and natural audio, and reproduces voices with pristine clarity.

pro sound system


Moreover, itc's conference recording system captures high-definition footage of the entire meeting process and automatically stores documents in real time after the meeting, streamlining the handling of meeting materials and eliminating cumbersome processes.

conference recording system

Throughout the design phase, we collaborated closely with the client to gain a deep understanding of their requirements. In addition to meeting the functional product needs, our R&D and technical teams prioritized other customer requirements, dedicating their time and effort to special development to ensure that our products fully meet customer expectations.

Our professionalism, swift response, and technical expertise were met with great appreciation from the customer, who expressed high satisfaction with our services. This successful collaboration with the government of Misrata underscores itc's commitment to creating innovative, tailored conference solutions that empower organizations globally.


This project highlights our proficiency in developing cutting-edge meeting environments that promote efficient and collaborative meeting experiences. Contact us now to discover how our solutions can transform your meeting experience!