Professional Amplifier TC-41500

As a crucial component in professional sound system, itc professional digital amplifier plays a pivotal role in delivering high-fidelity sound and reproducing audio sources with exceptional accuracy and force, effectively filling venues with rich, clear, and dynamic sound and achieving an unparalleled listening experience. Characterized by high efficiency, stability, and excellent sound quality, this series of high-power professional amplifiers is specially suitable for large-scale sound reinforcement venues, tour performance multipurpose halls, etc.
  • Output power (1KHz/THD≤1%) Stereo (8Ω) 4*1500W; (4Ω) 4*2550W; (2Ω) 4*3570W Bridge (16Ω) 2*3000W; (8Ω) 2*5100W; (4Ω) 2*7140W
  • Input sensitivity Optional 41dB, 38dB, 35dB, 32dB
  • Input impedance 10KΩ unbalanced, 20KΩ balanced
  • Frequency response (@1W power) 20-20KHz/±1dB
  • SNR (A-weighted) ≥106dB
  • Four-channel4*1500W, fourth-generation professional digital amplifier;
  • SupportDC, short circuit, overload and overheat protection;
  • Support signal, power, temperature and other voltage-limiting functions;
  • Support XLR balanced input; SPEAKON audio socket output;
  • Support optional three modes: STEREO/MONO/BRIDGE;
  • Input sensitivity (rated output power@1KHz) supports 4 levels of switching: 41dB, 38dB, 35dB, 32dB;
  • With a temperature-controlled fan, it rotates as soon as it is turned on; the fan accelerates as the temperature rises, and reaches full speed at about 60℃;
  • Designed with signal (green), CLIP (orange), Fault (red), Power (blue) indicators on the panel;
  • Support regular load 8 ohms, 4 ohms, minimum 2 ohms.
Output power (1KHz/THD≤1%)


Stereo 8Ω: 4*1500W; 4Ω: 4*2550W; 2Ω: 4*3570W;

Bridge 16Ω: 2*3000W; 8Ω: 2*5100W; ;4Ω:2*7140W;

Connector XLR interface
Input sensitivity(rated output power, @1KHz)


Input impedance 10KΩ unbalanced, 20KΩ balanced
Frequency response (@1W power) 20-20KHz/±1dB
THD+N (@1/8 power) ≤0.01%
SNR (A-weighted) ≥106dB
Damping coefficient (@1KHz) ≥200@ 8 ohms
Separation (@1KHz) ≥85dB
Protection method Over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-current protection, DC protection, short circuit protection
Indicator light Power, Protection, Signal, Distortion
Cooling method Fan cooling
Power supply ~ 220 50Hz
Maximum power consumption 6500W
Dimension (L×W×H) 484x443x44mm
Weight 13.6kg
* This power is measured according to the CEA-2006-B/CEA-490-A standard using a 20ms pulsed 1KHz sine wave at 1% total harmonic distortion.

Technical Specification

Some words for solution selections description

  • Four-channel high-power professional digital power amplifier

  • More than 95% ultra-high efficiency and excellent stability

    • Variable oscillation modulation technology
    • Multiple feedback regulation technology
    • Innovative output power control technology
  • With signal, power, temperature voltage limit function

  • MONO/STEREO/BRIDGE mode for selection

  • Temperature-controlled fan

    • Work immediately when booting
    • Accelerate as the temperature rises
    • Full speed at about 60℃


  • Super load capacity of 8 ohms, 4 ohms, and 2 ohms




  • Comprehensive protection circuits

    • Over-voltage protection
    • Under-voltage protection
    • Over-current protection
    • Overload protection
    • DC protection
    • Short circuit protection
    • Overheat protection



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Please use the following form to get in touch and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can use any contact form plugin in this area.

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