Audio Processor TS-P1616D

Peripheral devices enrich the functionality and adaptability of itc professional sound system and create immersive and impactful sound experiences across diverse settings. High-performance digital audio processor highly integrating multiple audio processing technologies provides users with excellent sound quality. It is mainly used in medium and large places to meet the application requirements of public sound reinforcement systems such as remote video conferences, stadiums, conference centers, auditoriums, banquet halls, exhibition halls, multimedia conferences, and command centers.
  • 16 in and 16 out Sampling rate 48K
  • Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz
  • D/A dynamic range (A-weighted) 114dB
  • A/D dynamic range (A-weighted) 120dB
  • Maximum output impedance Balanced 100Ω
  • Eachinput channel: 16 balanced microphone/line inputs, bare wiringinterface terminal, balanced connection.
  • Eachoutput channel: 16 balancedline outputs, bare wiring interface terminal, balanced connection.
  • Support DANTE network transmission protocol, low latency DANTE network audio transmission, 16sendingchannels, 16 receiving channels, can achieve network audio exte
  • Provide 24bit/48KHzhigh quality
  • Full-featured matrix mixing, flexible and simple signal routing operations, routing path and level size can be completed with one
  • 19-inch LCD display on the panel, supporting the display of device network information, real-time level, channel mute status, matrix mixing status.
  • Panel with USB interface.
  • The bidirectional RS-232 interface can be used to control external devices.
  • TheRS-485 interface can achieve automatic camera tracking.
  • 8-channel programmable GPIO control interface (customized input and output).
  • Support power-off automatic memory protection function.
  • Support channel copy, paste, and control functions.
  • Enternet multi-purpose data transmission and control port can support real-time management of single and multiple devices.
  • Support access to the device through the browser, download the built-in management and control software, intuitive and graphical interface; support XP/Windows 7, 8, 10 and other systems.
  • Supported or iPhone or Android phone APP software for operational
  • Support scene preset function, maximum support 100 groups of scenes.
Model TS-P1616D
Input channel Preamplifier, signal generator, extender, compressor, 5-band parametric equalizer, AM auto-mixing function, AFC adaptive feedback cancellation, AEC echo cancellation, ANC noise cancellation
Output channel 31-band parametric equalizer, delayer, frequency divider, High-lower pass filter, limiter
Dante interface 2
Sampling rate 48K
Phantom power DC 48V
Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz
THD + N ≤0.003%,4dBu
D/A dynamic range (A-weighted) 114dB
A/D dynamic range (A-weighted) 120dB
Input impedance (balanced) 20KΩ
Maximum output impedance (balanced) 100Ω
Channel separation 1kHz,104dB
Input CMRR 70dB @80 Hz
Maximum output level +18dBu, balanced
Maximum input level +18dBu, balanced
Working temperature 0 ℃~40 ℃
Power supply AC 110V-220V, 50Hz / 60Hz
Power consumption <40W
Dimension 482×258×45mm (W×D×H)
Net weight 1.95kg
Gross weight 3kg

Technical Specification

Some words for solution selections description

  • Broadband directional antenna

  • Applicable to GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, WLAN, and LTE network

  • Powerful characteristics

    • Wide frequency bandwidth
    • Low VSWR
    • Moderate gain


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