Wireless Microphone KT-M50W

itc KTV professional sound system includes high-quality microphones, amplifiers, speakers and audio processors that seamlessly collaborate to reproduce clear, crisp, and powerful sound, providing an immersive audio experience for customers to enjoy professional audio experiences.
  • Oscillation mode PLL Frequency Synthesis
  • Frequency range 640-690MHz
  • Continuous use time 6-10 hours
  • Continuous use time 6-10 hours
  • Receiving mode Superheterodyne Secondary Frequency Conversion
  • Using automatic human hand detection technology, the microphone will automatically mute after the hand leaves for 3 seconds(any direction and any angle), automatically save energy and enter the standby state after 5 minutes, automatically shut down and completely disconnect the power supply after 15 minutes; the microphone will be muted when it is falling on the ground.
  • Using a new audio circuit structure, it provides delicate treble, powerful alto and bass; it is perfectly expressive in the details of the sound; super dynamic tracking ability makes the sound pickup flexible in far and short distances.
  • The new digital pilot technology solves the problem of mutual cross-frequency in KTV private rooms.
  • With squealing suppression circuit.
  • Automatically search for the channels without
  • Flexibly set the number of times of use.
  • Use UHF frequency band and PLL frequency synthesis.
  • Adopt super heterodyne secondary frequency conversion design, with extremely high receiving sensitivity.
  • The RFadopts multi-stage high-performance dielectric filter, with excellent anti-interference ability.
  • The first IFadopts a SAW filter, and the second IF adopts a three-stage ceramic filter, greatly improving the anti-interference ability.
  • The specially designed mute circuit completely eliminates the impact noise when turning the microphone on and off.
  • The microphone uses 2 AA batteries, which can last for 6-10 hours.
  • The microphone adopts a unique boost design; the decrease in battery power does not affect the overall performance of the
  • With adjustable transmit power and adjustable squelch threshold, the rear panel of the receiver is equipped with an external squelch control knob, and the effective operating radius can be flexibly set between 10 meters and 80 meters according to actual
  • With an infrared automatic frequency matching function, the microphone can be quickly synchronized to the working channel of the receiver.
  • KTV special model, two microphones+ one receiver, unique structure design, convenient maintenance, easily covers more than 100 KTV rooms.
Model KT-M50W
Frequency range 640-690MHz
Channel number 100×2
Oscillation mode PLL Frequency Synthesis
Frequency stability ±10ppm
Receiving mode Superheterodyne Secondary Frequency Conversion
Receiving sensitivity -95~-67dBm
Audio frequency response 40-18000Hz
THD ≤0.5%
SNR ≥110dB
Audio output Balanced and mixed outputs
Transmit power 3-30mW
Modulation mode Frequency Modulation (FM)
Battery 2 AA batteries
Power supply 100-240V 50-60Hz 12VDC (switched power adapter) or 220VAC/50-60HZ 12VDC (linear power supply)
Power consumption ≤10W
Working temperature -10℃-55℃
Product size (L×H×D) 480×50×180mm
Package size (L×H×D) 530×70×390mm
Net weight 2.15kg
Gross weight 3.35kg


Technical Specification

Some words for solution selections description

  • Special design for KTV


    Two microphones and one receiver easily cover more than 100 KTV rooms

  • New digital pilot technology


    Solve the problem of mutual cross-frequency in KTV private rooms

  • New audio circuit structure


    Provide delicate treble, powerful alto and bass

  • Super dynamic tracking ability


    Make the sound pickup flexible in far and short-distance

  • Specially designed mute circuit


    Completely eliminate the impact noise when turning the microphone on and off

  • Infrared automatic frequency matching


    Quickly synchronize the frequency of the transmitter and the receiver

  • Automatic hand detection technology

    • After hand leaves for 3 seconds, automatically mute
    • After 5 minutes, automatically enter the standby state
    • After 15 minutes, automatically shuts down


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Please use the following form to get in touch and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can use any contact form plugin in this area.

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