Wireless Microphone KT-M50H

itc KTV professional sound system includes high-quality microphones, amplifiers, speakers and audio processors that seamlessly collaborate to reproduce clear, crisp, and powerful sound, providing an immersive audio experience for customers to enjoy professional audio experiences.
  • Frequency range 640-690MHz
  • Effective use distance About 50m
  • SNR ≥50dB
  • Microphone cartridge Dynamic microphone
  • Streamlined appearance design, user-friendly operation interface, neat and beautiful temperament.
  • HD LCD display, intuitive and clear interface.
  • Adopt PLL dual-channel loop design, and the ID code locks the optional channel function.
  • The sound curve has been carefully tuned for a warm and clear sound.
  • Lockable control function selection, adjustable wireless gain connection function.
  • High-performance audio processing chip, ultra-low distortion sound processing circuit design.
  • The ultra-high frequency dynamic compression and shunt technology automatically shunts the high and low frequencies to show better dynamic performance.
  • Brand new power regulation with 2 levels of power regulation.
  • Using automatic human hand detection technology, the microphone will be automatically muted after the hand leaves for 3 seconds (any direction and any angle), automatically save energy and enter the standby state after 5 minutes, and automatically shut down and completely disconnect the power supply after 10 minutes.
Frequency range 640-690MHz
Total channel number 200CH
Frequency interval 250KHz
Effective use distance About 50m
Frequency width 50MHz
Frequency module 100
Frequency oscillation mode PLL Frequency Synthesis
SNR ≥50dB
Frequency stability ±5KHz
Receiving mode CPU control frequency selection + pilot identification reception
Mute mode Mute lock loop
Display mode LCD
Power supply DC 12V/1.25A
Audio output 2 XLR balanced interfaces + 1 TRS 6.3mm unbalanced interface
Dimension (L×H×D) 210×52.4×151.8mm
Microphone power ≤30mW
Display mode LCD
Microphone cartridge Dynamic microphone
Net weight 1.8Kg
Gross weight 16Kg


Technical Specification

Some words for solution selections description

  • PLL dual-channel loop design


    Effectively block noisy radio frequency interference in the environment

  • High-performance audio processing chip

  • Ultra-low distortion sound processing circuit

  • Ultra-high frequency dynamic compression and shunt technology


    Show better dynamic performance

  • Automatic hand detection technology

    • After hand leaves for 3 seconds, automatically mute
    • After 5 minutes, automatically enter the standby state
    • After 10 minutes, automatically shuts down


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Please use the following form to get in touch and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You can use any contact form plugin in this area.

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