Successful Conclusion of itc 2nd Intl Product Management Camp

Successful Conclusion of itc 2nd Intl Product Management Camp

Jun 03,2024

Recently, itc successfully held the second phase of the International Product Manager Camp, gathering global partners to embark jointly on a smart journey of strategic planning and track selection. This training strengthened the connection with global partners and marked an important step in itc's global strategic layout.

itc International Product Manager Camp

To continue the international and global strategic partnership, and to empower partners comprehensively, itc meticulously planned a five-day training. By starting from professional knowledge empowerment, skill development and training, workplace personalities, and management qualities, a systematic strategic system was created to empower strategic partners to delve deep into the industry. Through systematic training, it promoted international friendly cooperation and exchange and ignited the development drive of partners.


In this cross-regional and cross-cultural exchange feast, strategic partners from different countries broke the inherent thinking patterns and sparked innovative inspiration. Through scenario creation, sales skills enhancement, and vocational management quality cultivation, itc assisted all parties in the overall breakthrough in the fiercely competitive global market challenges.


The successful holding of the International Product Manager Camp demonstrates the influence of itc in the industry and provides more possibilities for cooperation with overseas clients. In the future, itc will continue to explore cooperation models with overseas enterprises and institutions, jointly promoting innovation and development in intelligent audiovisual integration!

International Product Manager Camp